Concerns raised by HSECP of SAPCMP registration processes and examinations

On 19th August, HSECP sent correspondence to SACPCMP about occupational health and safety concern’s with the SACPCMP.

HSECP as a Voluntary Association with the SACPCMP, have helped build and grow a better Construction Health and Safety (CHS) fraternity in South Africa and created a support group within the organistion.

On numerous occasions they have raised issues / concerns with the SACPCMP on behalf of their members. Yet to no avail.

In their letter they state “we find it safe to say that the SACPCMP is not living up to their own mission statement which says “To create an enabling environment for the promotion, growth and transformation of Built Environment Management Professions”.

The following pressing issues were raised as urgent:

1. Resumption of SACPCMP registration examinations.

2. Inconsistent information provided between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) agents.

3. Lengthy assessment processes (all application categories incl. Candidate CHSO).

4. Assessment system status.

5. Allocation of payments.

Another urgent issue that was raised is the difficulty of safety professionals experienced in getting their registration certificates, causing some to lose their employment, while others are unable to secure unemployment, made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although many members have complained, we only have space for a few examples here. All these have had employment problems as a result:

One member who first applied to the SACPCMP in 2017 received no acknowledgement. She reapplied in 2019, and received acknowledgment on the 23rd September 2019 but no further feedback regarding her registration status, in spite of numerous telephone and email attempts to contact the SACPCMP. Due to this, she lost her employment.

Another member who submitted his application for registration almost a year ago has still not been assessed or given a decision on his category of registration.

Another member received acknowledgement for his Candidate CHSO registration 6 months after his initial application and confirmation of receipt of the application fee. However, when following up on his registration status he was requested to resend his proof of payment.

The other problem is that of applicants not being able to write CHSO/CHSM examinations since the 4th quarter of 2019 which is another step into the job market brought to a standstill. Many of these people are breadwinners. HSECP believe that other routes of conducting examinations safely should have been explored especially during times where technology has evolved vastly. HSE Connection Point NPC offered to engage with the SACPCMP in exploring this further.

HSECP concluded their letter “It is with sad regret we mention that the SACPCMP is failing in their legislative mandate by preventing individuals freedom of trade, occupation and profession in terms of Section 22 of the South African Constitution (Act No. 108 of 1996), which states that “every citizen has a right to choose their trade, occupation and profession freely.”

Having not received an acknowledgement or reply from the SACPCMP by 1st September, HSECP sent an email to Patricia de Lille, Honourable Minister of Public works requesting her assistance.

On 4th September, Butcher Matutle Registrar SACPCMP responded. Following are some of the extracts from his letter:

“The Council has been through a trying time and one of our greatest challenge as a regulator was being compelled to change systems and commence the Systems Upgrade Project immediately. This change to a completely new system was executed within a period of 8 months, 5 of which were during the Covid -19 national lockdown.

“Covid-19 is an unfortunate calamity, it has forced everyone to seek a “new normal” and be more innovative with regard to the realities and opportunities it has created. The Council therefore identified the need to include new applications to our upgraded system in line with ICT advancement.

“The Council has already commenced with 70 percent of all registration processes utilising the new system.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our examination and interview processes. We have moved forward with interview planning, which will commence on 5 September 2020. We are currently developing the necessary applications so that examinations can also take place before the end of September 2020. We advise that members should access and utilise the new system as follows:

1. Members can access their profiles by visiting either https://mypcm.sacpcmp.org.za or https://mychs.sacpcmp.org.za and accessing their personal profiles by clicking the ‘Log In’ icon on the top right of the screen.

2. To access their certificate(s), members need to access their profiles (as indicated above) and see the ‘My Profile’ section. Through this, they will be able to view and access their certificate(s) via the ‘View your Certificate’ tab. In addition, we encourage registered persons to insert their profile link into their email signature and create a unique validator by clicking on ‘Create Validator’.

3. To check their registration or application status, members can click on the ‘Dashboard’ section within their profile.

4. Should members forget their passwords or username, they can email one of the provided email addresses, and our CRM representatives will assist in resetting either the username or password.

5. To search for a Registered Person in the SACPCMP’s search function, visit https://mypcm.sacpcmp.org.za or https://mychs.sacpcmp.org.za and click on the ‘Search’ tab.

“The SACPCMP values its relationship with its Voluntary Associations (VAs), not simply because this enables the Council to connect, learn and develop from knowledge and experience derived through the VAs, but also because these relationships allow us to engage with our Registered Persons and Applicants. As a regulatory authority within the Construction Industry, we aim to serve our stakeholders by protecting professionals and the public from sub-standard practices through professional registration”.

With a high percentage of their staff working from home, Mr Matutle provided customer relations contact details which will make it easier for members who need to make contact. The mobile numbers can also be used for WhatsApp messages.

SACPCMP CONTACT INFORMATION – Available weekdays from 08:00 – 16:00

Noxi Nayo (CRM Manager) – reception@sacpcmp.org.za – 071 471 9081

Andile Sibisi (CRM) – JnrCrm2@sacpcmp.org.za – 076 430 0094

Given Mudau – crmadmin3@sacpcmp.org.za – 082 589 5625

Banele Mdaweni (CRM) – JnrCrm4@sacpcmp.org.za – 082 547 3215

Zipho Dyomfana (CRM) – crmadmin2@sacpcmp.org.za – 071 411 5347

Kamogelo Molotsane (CRM) – JnrCrm1@sacpcmp.org.za – 082 216 6279

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