Master Class – an online training course in safety management


There is still time to register for this unique training course!


The Master Class is 2 hours of online training conducted over 8 days.

Time: 20:00-22:00

Starting date: 06 September 2021

Cost: R1,000.00


“I will be deep diving into each phase of the Construction project and sharing my own experiences, skills and lessons learned.

I will be sharing tips, documents I have developed through the years to get me to where I have achieved much success through the years.

I will be sharing excellent golden nuggets of experiences, trade secrets, personal secrets which I have learned through my 16 years of Safety Management and 18 years of HSE Experience.

I’m going to be breaking down steps and explaining with easy to understand examples of how to become a great HSE Manager and to outshine the rest within the HSE Fraternity.

Give it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose, because if you are not satisfied with what I will be sharing by day 3 you can request to be removed with your money back no questions asked.” says Fabian Buckley, Director.



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