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Our story begins in 1932. Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Chairman of Anglo American was becoming increasingly alarmed by the high rates of fatalities and injuries on his labour intensive mines. It was a larger problem than he could tackle alone, so he called a meeting with the major of Johannesburg Mr DF Corlett who was known to be public spirited. The mayor agreed to assist on the condition that their initiatives include general industry which was suffering from the same pitfalls.
Road safety was another area of concern, with too many accidents caused by congestion on the streets from the mingling of pedestrians, bicycles and cars due to the growing car population.
After consultation with other interested parties, it was agreed that the best starting point would be through education and awareness, and a vehicle was needed as a conduit for dissemination of this information.
And so it was that the Safety First Association was born in 1932 with Jan Smuts as its first patron. The aims of this fledgling association would be achieved through publishing informative literature such as posters, flyers and a magazine titled National Safety. In 2020 the title of the magazine changed to AFRICAN OS&H, due to a changing landscape.


The Safety First Association promotes occupational health and safety throughout Africa through the publishing of informative literature by:
• Spreading knowledge of the principles and methods of accident/incident prevention.
• Encouraging co-operation in the prevention and/or reduction of accidents/incidents which lead to loss of life, injury or other losses.


The Safety First Association aims to make significant contributions towards furthering the understanding, knowledge and promotion of occupational health and safety in Africa, making the association a leading commentator on occupational health and safety issues.


The Safety First Association is offering a special COVID-19 membership until June 2021.

Individuals = R30 ex vat
Companies = R100 ex vat

Usage of the Safety First Association (SFA) logo as a member on all marketing material, websites, business cards, email signatures etc.
Individuals looking for employment will be able to register on the JOBS PORTAL. This information will be shared with an employment agency specialising in OS&H positions.
Corporates will be able to look for potential candidates on the JOBS PORTAL