Testing the functionality and tightness of respiratory protection devices

Dräger Quaestor and Testor test devices are highly efficient test benches that test the integrity and therefore the safety of full-face respirators.

Automatic test programmes reduce the time needed to test each full-face mask and valves, and also diving equipment.

Dräger Testor 2500/3500

Versatile testing options

Both Dräger Testor 2500/3500 models are designed for tests in the low and medium-pressure range. They are especially suitable for testing:

full face masks,

compressed air breathing apparatus,

lung demand valves, and

chemical protection suits. Comfort is a matter of position

Realistic mask testing

The test head of the Testor 2500/3500 has a natural shape. It is securely mounted, and the gel face may be replaced independently by the user as required. The design eliminates the need for any inflation and deflation of the test head.

The new gel face II is more robust due to the optimised material composition. This enables full breathing protection masks to be tested faster and better in less time.

Integration is possible in any workshop

With its compact size and robust design, the Dräger Testor 2500/3500 fits into any workshop. A base plate (optional) also enables the device to snap onto the workbench mounting of the Dräger Quaestor 5000/7000 and the Prestor 5000.

The gel face II is used for all three testing device types. This ensures maximum compatibility and increases the efficiency of your workshop.

Dräger Quaestor 7000

All static and dynamic tests of the Dräger Quaestor 7000 are carried out fully automatically. Controlled by the newly developed software, each test is carried out intuitively. For the user this guarantees high efficiency through comfort and speed.

Fully-automatic static and dynamic tests

The test process is fully automated. Automatically opening and closing valves accelerate the process and

manual intervention is no longer required. An external microphone also automatically captures the switchon

point of the low pressure warning. Thus the service technician can use the time during the test for other activities.

Optimum tight fit for all mask sizes

The test head can be turned without restriction and removed as required. This flexibility allows the user to tailor the test design even more individually and comfortably to his requirements. In addition, the gel face of the test head which emulates the elasticity of the human facial skin optimizes the tight fit for all common mask sizes.

Learn more here : https://www.draeger.com/en_za/Productselector/Workshop-Solution-and-Breathing-Gas-Supply/Test-Equipment?page=1&i=safety

Focus product

Dräger Aerotest® 5000

You can use the mobile Dräger Aerotest® 5000 to test the purity of the breathing air in a low pressure system (or in a high pressure system, if you have the right accessories) in accordance with your country’s standards. The automatic system significantly improves ease of use. Menu-guided measuring, data downloads, and printing of test certificates: testing and documentation are easier with the Dräger Aerotest® 5000.


Learn more: https://www.draeger.com/en_za/Products/Aerotest-5000